Trade Bonds

Whether you are an active investor looking to take advantage of price movement and fixed returns, whether you are seeking to diversify your Portfolio or Hedge your exposure, or are simply looking for an alternative method of making your money work harder for you, we are well positioned to add value to your objectives.

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  • Traditionally less Volatile than many other asset classes such as Equities

  • Visibility over Income

  • Visibility over timing of payments

  • Visibility over levels of payment until maturity

  • Bonds can be held in ISA's so long as there are >5 years to maturity*

  • Reliable Income

  • Can be held in SIPP's

  • Capital Gains Tax exempt (Terms apply)

  • Stamp Duty exempt (Terms apply)

  • Trading in a wide selection of Government and Corporate Bonds














You can trade Bonds within your Discretionary Account allowing us to manage the portfolio as a whole or on an execution only basis via telephone or platform..

We provide access in US dollars, the Euro and the British pound through specialist dealers.


The respective Counterparties make collateralization of your bond holdings available so you may simultaneously trade additional products using your bond as margin.


The value of the margin depends on the bond rating.







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