Trade Commodities

Trade a range of commodity contracts such as CFDs, Futures, Options or by way of ETFs.

Trade CFD commodities for example from just 0.1% per trade
(Subject to Terms and Conditions)

Trading derivative commodities present viable opportunities for speculation and hedging.
There are many factors driving the price of commodities such as movement in foreign exchange, economic growth, adverse weather conditions and supply and demand of products from Gold and Oil to Wheat and Sugar.

You can choose to speculate on the price movements by trading a range of derivative commodities.
You can trade a basket of commodities to spread your risk or single contracts.

Many will utilise the trading of derivative commodities to hedge positions in single stocks such as mining companies, be it a CFD position or a physical shares position, or you may choose to utilise the derivative position to hedge a physical delivery contract.


NOTE: Marshall Sterling is also able to provide access to physical commodities such as Gold bullion and can arrange for segregated coin and bar storage in the most secure vaults, in the safest jurisdictions in the world such as London, Frankfurt, Zurich, Hong Kong and Singapore.

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