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Private Client Application

Private Client Application

At Marshall Sterling we offer various Products and Services from multi-asset Execution Only accounts, through to advisory or fully managed solutions.

We also provide tax efficient wrappers for aforementioned including Stocks and Shares ISAs and Self Invested Personal Pension (SIPP) wrappers. 

In order to ensure that we provide you with the most suitable solution or range of solutions, we will need to gather a little information on your desired product and service and your personal level of experience and attitude to risk.

If you would like to find out more about our facilities, please use the form on the Contact page from the top menu and a member of our team will assist you. 
Please note not all our products and services are suitable for everyone or every geographic location. 


Execution Only account holders are required to make their own decisions and can make transactions at their own discretion without the assistance of an investment manager.

Advisory service account holders may receive financial advice and will be required to confirm their understanding of the relevant product or service and associated risks and may be required to provide a power of attorney or appointment of agent for any relevant investment accounts so as to allow our team access to act on your instructions.

Discretionary account holders will select one of more investment product offerings, which will be jointly assessed to fall inline with their investment objectives and attitude to risk and will be required to provide a power of attorney for the investment account in question, so as to have it managed by Marshall Sterling.


Under MiFID, all clients will be classified under one of five categories. It is important that you ensure you categorise yourself correctly, as permissions and protections vary between classifications. The five possible classifications are:

  • Retail clients
  • Elective Professional clients
  • Per Se Professional clients
  • Elective Eligible Counterparties
  • Per Se Eligible Counterparties

Not all Products and Services provided by Marshall Sterling Investment Management are available to Retail clients.
Subject to the product or service you apply for, you will be notified of any restrictions that apply which may result in the product or service being withdrawn from offer.
In certain cases, eligible applicants may be able to request a client classification amendment such as an Elective Professional Opt Up. If successful, this may  result in a product or service offer being reinstated however investors should ensure that they satisfy themselves of the consequences of being re-classified.
Please visit the relevant section of the Risk Disclosure to find out more information.


If you would like to be treated an an Elective Professional is respect of the Product or Service you intend on applying for, please complete the form below.