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Discretionary Investment Management
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Marshall Sterling manages money for a variety of international private, corporate and institutional clients who seek to take advantage of the resources, expertise and insight of our qualified investment advisers and managers. 

As an Authorised Financial Institution, Marshall Sterling operates in accordance with a robust Regulatory framework that provides comfort and peace of mind to our clients and counterparties alike.

We place the protection of client assets and performance of client portfolios at the forefront of our ethos. That’s why we arrange for client assets to be held with a number leading global custodians and manage and monitor performance on a daily basis. 

The Marshall Sterling team have developed their pedigree over decades of exposure within Tier 1 investment banks, hedge funds, asset managers, wealth managers, brokerages and insurance companies and now deliver a blended service to our clients in a personalized  and professional approach.

Marshall Sterling is a registered ISA Manager with HMRC and also provides access to various other tax efficient solutions via a range of routes and vehicles such as Self Invested Personal Pension’s “SIPPs”, Seed Enterprise Investment Schemes “SEIS” and Enterprise Investment Schemes “EIS”.
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Proprietary Investment Management

Our team have created a range of discretionary investment solutions designed to add value to our clients wealth management objectives.
The products can be implemented as a basket of investments or taken up individually.

The vehicles generally focus on assets such equity and fixed income however, the underlying exposure may include a diverse range of assets, sectors, regions. 

Below you will find a snapshot example of investment objectives supported by existing portfolios. 

Should you be interested in our Alternative Investment Offering, please contact us for more information .

Discretionary Fund Management

In addition to providing our in-house investment products, we also act in the capacity of Discretionary Fund Managers in order to facilitate access to a wide range of  external Manager funds and investment products.

By doing so, we are able to further diversify our clients investment exposure and present a broad range of opportunities based on our clients investment objectives and attitudes to risk.

We monitor the portfolio as a whole and re-balance as necessary.

This provides our clients with peace of mind that their whole portfolio is being managed with a single point of contact reducing their administrative burden whilst achieving portfolio diversification.

As An Example, Our Proprietary Investment Offering Might Include The Following Opportunities:
Protected Portfolio
  • Target 0.5% – 3% pa
  • Low volatility
  • Long Only
  • Government and corporate fixed income
Cautious Portfolio
  • Target 4% – 8% pa
  • Low volatility
  • Long Only
  • EU, UK and US Equity
  • Equity options
  • Listed corporate debt
Moderate Portfolio
  • Target 8% – 20% pa
  • Moderate to high volatility
  • Long/Short
  • Cash and derivative equity
  • Public and private corporate debt
Adventurous (Speculative) Portfolio 
  • Target 20% – 50% pa
  • High volatility
  • FX
  • Commodity derivatives
  • Long/Short equity derivatives
  • Private equity
  • Private corporate debt

Be advised that we base our target returns on a mix of real-world past performance and proforma data modelling. Past performance is not a reliable indication of future performance and real-world future outcomes may vary significantly from target returns. Where there is investment, there is risk.  

At Marshall Sterling we celebrate individualism and appreciate that sometimes our clients want something tailored specifically to their full requirement.

This is why we work hand in glove with a select number of carefully selected third parties to provide our clients with a full service Premier Private Wealth Management facility.

This could include taking advice from our carefully selected associates in relation to investment, tax and estate planning, income and private health protection and private banking. 

If you are interested in finding out more about the Private Wealth solution, please contact us as we would be delighted to assist you. 

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Note that within the various proprietary investment objective profiles detailed on this page, there might be a number of underlying sub-category portfolio offerings or a blended range of portfolio’s for diversification or asset allocation purposes.
The figures depicted within this page are intended examples only for discussion purposes. The products made available may not be suitable for your personal or geographic circumstances. Marshall Sterling arranges and controls but does not hold client money directly. Your capital is at risk, investments can go down as well as up and you may get back less than you originally invested. Please contact us and/or an Independent Financial Adviser for more information.