Fixed Income Investment Opportunities

Fixed Income

Earn Interest Income with Government and Corporate Bonds

Fixed Income

In today’s increasingly complex political and economic environment, securing a diversified, risk managed income yield can be challenging.

Marshall Sterling provides access to a broad range of fixed income opportunities to aide your ability to add stability to your investment objectives.

Whether you are an active investor looking to take advantage of price movement on listed bonds, or you are looking for medium to long term fixed return on your investment, we are well positioned to add value to your objectives.

We provide access to UK, European and US Government Bonds, a broad range of listed Corporate Bonds and unlisted corporate fixed return products.

We are also able to provide access to tax efficient wrappers where interest earned for example on a stocks & shares ISA is exempt from personal income tax and capital gains tax.

The full allowance of £20,000 can be invested into a stocks & shares ISA in the 2022/23 tax year and currently, you don’t need to declare any income or capital gains from an ISA to HMRC on your tax return.

Examples of potential yields that we provide access to:
Government Debt: 0.5% to 5%pa
Corporate Listed Debt: 4.5% to 7.5%pa
Unlisted Corporate Equity and Debt: 5% to 9.5%pa (Risk of Loss is high)

Please note Marshall Sterling  does not support access to Speculative Illiquid Securities (SIS) such as non-mainstream pooled investments (NMPI), or  non-readily realisable securities (NRRS) to Retail Investors. Where this product  access is made available it is intended solely for Professional / Institutional Investors where no underlying client is classified as Retail. 

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