Spot, Forwards and Options, Margin FX and Deliverable

Access over over 100 FX Pairs with Marshall Sterling​


Trade a range of Forex instruments from just 0.1 pip spreads or 0.2 basis points commission on Interbank Rates.

You can trade Foreign Exchange (Forex) in several ways which include: FX Spot, FX Forwards, FX Options, FX CFDs and Spread Bets.

The Forex market is the largest and most liquid financial market in the world, with a daily trading volume in excess of $3.5 trillion.

With this level of turnover, there is always movement in the Forex markets and the opportunity to take profit.

Deliverable Currency

As a by product of our Counterparty network, we are able to offer discounted access to deliverable currency for cross-border business.

Therefore if your business has exposure to currency transactions, Marshall Sterling is able to provide access to institutional pricing.

Furthermore our team is able to assist with Currency Risk mitigation, hedging, fowards and options to reduce uncertainty. 

We can assist you

Marshall Sterling
Offer the ability to trade Forex to private and institutional investors alike offering Competitive Spreads. 

Online trading platform
We currently work with a number of Prime Brokers, Prime of Primes, ECN’s, LP’s and Brokerages that offer a vast range of currency pairs via telephone, email, webtrader, downloadable platform, or mobile platforms and API. 

The prices you are quoted have been streamed by several major international banks, which means that the online trading platform is able to automatically source a highly competitive bid and offer, giving you the optimum trading spread, instead of fixed or skewed pricing.