Table 1: Experience definition
Little 0 - 12 months
Some 12 - 60 months
Lots >60 months

Note: Experience should be in shares and listed funds as these are the key assets utilised in the portfolios.

Table 2: Attitude to risk
Little 20% loss of your investment
Some 30% loss of your investment
Lots 50% loss of your investment
Note with all the above options, should a loss detailed in the table occur, it should not impact your lifestyle or financial obligations. Please also note these representations as guides not guarantees.

Table 3: Your experience statement
By making your own investments, we mean deciding what your investment objective is on each transaction and what your attitude to risk is based on your experience

Table 4: Investment objective definition
In general terms, a growth fund aims to increase the value of the capital invested over time, whereas an income fund targets a steady and sometimes rising stream of income, which can be paid out to investors, or re-invested if they choose, whilst seeking to maintain the value of the original sum paid in.