Low Cost Execution Only Multi Asset Trading Facilities

Execution Only Trading

150 Markets, 30 Countries, Bonds, CFDs, Equities, ETFs, FX

You're in control

At Marshall Sterling, our execution only service seeks to make available a broad selection of products and services via a large number of international banks and brokerages.
Our Counterparties provide full coverage of products that you can trade by means of various award winning platforms.

As a result of economies of scale, we seek to provide access to your preferred broker and competitive prices.
If you already have an account with them, you are able to maintain the same account yet often receive more advantageous pricing through our relationship with the broker.
The Execution Only service is for those clients who know what they want to buy and sell without any advice or management.

The products listed below can be traded from just £9.50 or 0.005% per trade in size.

Forex (Voice, Platform and API)
Spread Betting

You can trade or invest using these products in a General Investment Account, or tax efficient wrappers such as ISA and SIPP.
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